Monday, February 14, 2011

Home Office

My apt is officially a 2 bedroom place, but the 2nd bedroom is about the size of my hand. Because of my lack of closet space in the apt, the 2nd bedroom has pretty much turned into a closet. I'm finally starting to sort it out and hopefully slowly transform this tiny space into an office/music room/closet. First thing I did was put together a little make shift desk bought from Ikea and set up a desk top computer. At Ikea I picked up a basic white table top and got these legs. It's temporary, but it looks good enough till I find that perfect desk that I not only like the way it looks, but also fits in the tiny as hell 2nd bedroom. I'm super excited to finally have an actual work space. It's so nice to be able to close the door and to not be on the couch with the TV in site.

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