Thursday, October 24, 2013

Artwork for the Crib | Shits and Giggles:Kevin Lyons @ HVW8

Ty G over at HVW8 continues to put together really interesting shows at his gallery in LA. I'm in love with this new series of pieces that Kevin Lyons did. When I see something like that Slick Rick (The Ruler) joint it is so good it almost makes me mad like (why didn't I think of that!?) Please go check these out if you're in town or you can grab them at their online shop

Dylan Design Company

I'm really into these pieces by Dylan Design Company

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Persons of Interest Williamsburg Brooklyn

images via The Scout, GQ, and my Instagram
I rarely get haircuts because the whole experience, for me, kind of sucks. I try explaining what I want and probably do a terrible job at it, then I get to sit in a chair and have awkward conversation and stare at my face in the mirror. 
So for years I've kind of been against the whole cool guy/mens barbershop for really no reason at all. I wanted to find an old school or hood spot that could get it right. I don't know why I was playing. My experience at Persons of Interest couldn't have been any better. The design of the shop was amazing. It has a super dope mid-century modern masculine feel. I will admit I chose it over Freemans and others based on the design. I liked that it wasn't all old timey, ye olde barbershop steez. Plus when I went in to make my first appointment they were playing a Deadly Dragon podcast.
When I came back for my appointment I was greeted by a nice young dude and he pointed to an old Coleman cooler and told me to help myself to something to drink. The cooler was stocked with glass bottled soda and canned beer. I sat down at the nice Herman Miller conference table with my beer and started flipping through all the great periodicals they had. Everything from Brutus to Hypebeast. 
Then came the haircut, I did my usual shitty job explaining what I wanted my haircut to look like and off he went. The cut turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted. Another nice thing about the cut is he kept everything super neat, he was constantly brushing off loose hairs and at one point after he faded the sides he washed my hair so when the cut was done I didn't feel like I immediately had to go home and shower and change my shirt.  I highly recommend checking them out and ask for my new barber Gary.