Friday, April 29, 2011

Visvim Navajo Blanket

I just saw on the Visvim site that they will be offering a new Navajo Blanket. No word on who will carry them, but I would check in with Chris and the folks at Union if you are interested in picking one of these up.

It's Spring Again

Even though my allergies are FOCKED OP, I'm still very happy that it is Spring again and Summer is right around the corner. Can't wait to get in the water!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Henry Wilson

Great stuff from Australian, Henry Wilson. Check out his site here and his blog here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paul Chang, Downtown NYC

Red Wing Work Chukka
Tricker's Country Boot - Stow
Brooks Brothers Peal & Co Captoe Boot

Nom De Guerre Infantry Overcoat
Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren - Leather Flight Jacket

Nom De Guerre - Army Shirt from S/S 10 collection
Frames: Warby Parker
Jacket: Maiden Noir Cameraman Field Jacket
Oxford: Steven Alan
Pants: Levi's Corduroy
Boots (not pictured): Red Wing Work Chukka

Lately I have been getting really tired of looking online and collecting other peoples images and putting them together in various posts, or posting shit I want to buy but can't afford. So I finally got up off my ass and shot my good friend Paul's ill downtown, Manhattan apartment. I'm not a photographer, and I'm not trying to be the next Selby, I just want to share some of my friends places with you guys.
Paul is one of my favorite dudes. Always good to get together with him and chop it up. Enjoy...

Name: Paul Chang
Age: 29
Occupation: Marketing/Video Production (What Matters Most)

1. what is your favorite piece of furniture, or home accessory that you own? Kaws Dissected Companion. I have been a fan of Kaws for a while, and was very lucky to have the opportunity to purchase this while I was on vacation in Vancouver. Just getting the package through the US border was an ordeal. I thought they were gonna rip apart the box looking for weed, but they waived me right through customs. I guess looking like an asian tourist has its advantages sometimes.

2. top 3 favorite clothing labels? RRL, A.P.C., and Our Legacy

3. when i was a senior in highschool I was wearing.... Polo, North Face and Nike ACG. I feel like I'm currently going through that 90s tech phase again

4. piece of furniture im currently obsessed with... Reclaimed wood tables. I am on the hunt for a large farm style dining table for my apartment.

5. Living in NYC please share any space saving secrets. Before I moved into my current place, I got rid of almost anything I thought I couldn't wear two or three times a week without someone noticing. I pretty much wear the same things everyday, so its been a good exercise in simplifying my life and just keeping the things you want to wear daily. I'd rather own 3 shirts I'd wear all the time then have 10 shirts that just get worn every so often.