Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where I Stay: Living Room Ceiling Lamp



So I finally found a ceiling light to replace the stock piece that was hanging since maybe the 80's. I don't understand how and where you find a light so insanely terrible looking but hey at least I found something to go in its place. I found this light a few months ago while in LA and I finally installed it. I absolutely love it. The bulb sits really deep so the light is really soft and it creates this really great glow on the inside of the fixture.
Next on my living room list..
1. Coffee/Cocktail table/s
2. Get around to hanging some artwork
3. Window treatments

Ikea Fall 2010

I found these scans over at Solid Frog and couldn't believe that they were from the new Ikea catalogue. I'm sure a lot of these items are vintage that they mixed in, but the styling is great!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hen's Teeth

A few weeks ago when my wife and I were at Brimfield we ran into a guy who used to sell at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft Greene. He was at the Flea once, maybe twice, I bought a few things from him and then he never came back. So when I stumbled upon his booth at Brimfield I was stoked. I talked to him for a bit and learned he is based out of New York and he passed along his website info and tumblr so I could track him down. He is priced a little high, but he has some really great pieces in very good to great condition.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loopwheeler Pillow for Building

Loopwheeler is so incredible. It's usually very pricey but in my opinion, totally worth it. These pillows are great, maybe a little plain, but if they are anything like your favorite Loopwheeler sweatshirt they will be a pillow that you will have and love for decades. Priced at 4,935円 that doesn't seem to be too bad. I think that converts to just a little over $50 US Dollars. Get them here.

Fern NYC

I was just checking "the get up and get down" and came across this nice shelf/storage unit, made by Fern, right here in NYC. This is such a great piece. Check out more of their work over at their blog.

More Herringbone Floors

This is my 3rd or 4th post about herringbone floors. I still can't get enough.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Silver Lake Style: Brutus Magazine

Here are some more scans from Brutus Magazine. I know I've said it a zillion times but for me it's always more about the objects in the space and the space itself and less about the styling.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peregrine Camping Table

This is a scan that I took from an Outdoors magazine that I copped when I was in Japan last year. It is a camping table made by the Japanese camping company, Peregrine. Pretty great little table with an even more great carrying case/bag.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MYLESHENRYBLOG is 1 year old!!

So 1 year ago today I started this blog. I just want to thank all of you that read my blog. I also want to thank all the other bloggers that inspire me, and to all my friends that pushed me to start this thing. I started this blog to basically keep a log of ideas and of things that inspire me. I just can't believe that one year later, people actually read this thing and that I've met so many incredible people through it. Thanks to Complex Magazine for shining some light on the blog and having me contribute to the Complex Blog. Also thanks to all the people that voted for me for The Homies jump off over at Apartment Therapy a while back. Thanks to all the fam that added me to their blogrolls.
Ok that was pretty brutal, sorry you had to read that, it was like a bad award show. Anywhoo for my 225th post I took some scans from a magazine I picked up in Japan last year called Brutus. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the magazine, it's a pretty dope zine. Thanks, and enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Complex X Myles Henry Tipley

As a follow up to being in the current issue of Complex, Anoma asked me to contribute to their site/blog. After thinking about what I wanted to do I decided to do my very own Ballin' vs. Budget. Most of the goods I just found searching all of my favorite online stores but I definitely want to thank Nick from "A Time to Get" for turning me onto that ill military field desk. It's kind of perfect for a little cocktail table, you could possibly throw a little glass on top of it to give it a cleaner look. I had such a good time putting this together, hopefully I will get to take another crack at it in the upcoming months. Thanks Complex. Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Get Up and Get Down

Here is a new site that I've been dying to share with everyone since I heard about it. It's a site started by Nick from A Time to Get. He is the writer, so I will let him explain what it's all about...


With all of this talk about where things are made, by which original factory and on which machines, some of the focus has shifted away from the most important aspect -- the individual. That person making the product with their hands. That person sweating over a machine which took years to master. That person pouring their heart over what's being created in front of them. So what do I do? I start a blog. Hey, we do what we know.

The Get Up And Get Down not only highlights products for sale by the individuals who make them, but teaches you how to be a craftsman with an expanding series of "how to" guides. One picture - one craftsman - one link at a time. Keep it simple and let the materials speak for themselves.

I have a few awesome collaborations in the works and will hopefully be launching those in the near future. Until then, the site will be updated when I see something handmade and cool. Send me things you make. Send me things your mom makes. Send me links to things you saw that one time on that one blog. Send me anything and keep it local... wherever that may be.
--Nick Maggio

The Get Up and Get Down