Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All Together

 Check Rover Classic located on Staten island on the regular for unique finds (not just rovers)
 My dad used to always wear the ill pointy ski hat. Cop this one @ Ebay
 Classic windbreaker @ LL Bean
 I love this solid mustard button up @ J Crew
 Mark McNairy always puts out a great pair of sweats @ Norse Store
 I have loved these since they dropped months ago. Why don't I own these yet!? @ OC
 This bench is perfect to put by the window and put loads of plants on it but it is pricey as a mutha @ Etsy
 This is one of the plants I would put on that terrific bench @ Mr Kilty
 Some good looking stackable army cases perfect for storage/end table @ Colemans
 These are the Tea Mugs I would sit on those cases while drinking out of them with my mouth @ Spartan
This is a nice mat for winter dirt foot at one of my new favorite stores @ Joinery

Monday, November 26, 2012

Camp Chairs

 @ Slowdownjoe £320.00
 @ Back Country  $215.95
@ Environment  $1195.00
I love the look of camp chairs. The folding legs are so sculptural. I'm trying to figure out a pair for the living room. Here are a few that I like, if anyone has some suggestions please send them my way.