Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Speakers

Loving the look of a good speaker or two, that last set is so fresh. I need to find a good vintage pair.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

The kitchen in the new beach house is SUPER dated and needs a little/a lot of work. I definitely don't have the paper to gut the kitchen and start over so I'm going to have to get crafty and figure some simple, low budget fixes.
I love how casual and simple all of these kitchens are. I really love the drawers down below and no upper cabinetry. We have 2 pantries so removing the top cabinets might actually be able to happen (If I can convince the wife)

Friday, July 22, 2011

All Just Organic

I'm kind of into these all organic hand woven Turkish bath towels. Would love these for the bathroom but they would also be kind of perfect for the beach. The price on them are pretty reasonable too ranging from $24-$32.50

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anyone out there? // I'm Back!

Hey guys, it's been a while. My last post was May 11th! Damn!
I had an incredible trip to Paris, thanks to everyone who sent me so many great suggestions of things to check out while I was there. Thanks to Sara and Karen for setting me up with an incredible place to stay. I can not wait to go back and spend more time in that city. It was my first time there and it was everything I thought it would be and more. It was the most beautiful city I have ever visited.
Right as my wife and I got back from Paris we got a really great deal on an old home on the east end of Long Island. The house is beautiful but it needs a crap load of work. It's a 108 year old house with a great screened in porch and it is just a few hundred feet from the beach. We got really lucky with this place. I have been spending a ridiculous amount of my time making the home livable while still trying to enjoy the water and great weather. We have moved almost all of our belongings out from Brooklyn with an exception of a few things. I love the city to death and I'm not ready to leave it full time just yet, but it's been really nice to step away from it, get some space, some sun, and a breath of fresh air. The city is so inspiring but it's so easy to get caught up in all the bullshit, with partying, late nights, different events, and the constant hustle etc.
It has been nice giving myself a sort of technology break but it's good to be back. I'm really looking forward to checking out all of your sites and blogs over the next few days, it's been a minute. So if there is anyone left checking my blog please check back a few times a week again because I"M BACK!!