Monday, December 27, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

So it looks like I will be staying in the apt that I'm in for at least another year. I can't wait to own a place so I can finally just go IN. I desperately want to make a few changes to the kitchen so I'm starting to compile some kitchen inspiration. I really want to paint the cabinets white and swap out the hardware. I would also like to figure out some sort of solution for the janky ass tile floor I have. I love all of these simple and casual kitchens.


  1. Wow! your blog looks super nice!
    I´ll be back.

  2. Re kitchen tile floor--maybe try chalkboard paint? It comes in different colors nowadays, and is sturdy and waterproof. I painted the cheap terracotta tile hearth of our NYC fireplace with black chalkboard paint. Looks nice. Don't know how it would stand up under a lot of foot traffic--might be fine. (Hated the terracotta. And yes, we rent, also, don't own.)