Monday, November 8, 2010

Tamiser Antiques

Another spot to add to my list of places to check next time I'm in Japan. Tamiser is located in Shibuya-ku Tokyo just a short walk from Hibiya Line Ebisu Station.


  1. be there next week! will check it out ...looks amazing...

  2. Oh shit. Looks nice.
    I can't see a Japanese aesthetic in this place at all. Looks like Vermont, or something.

  3. @TDM have a great trip, let me know what you thought f the shop.

    @jason it IS kind of crazy, when I was over there it's like the japanese came over here for years and bought up all of our special items and clothes. i was completely blown away while i was there. it's by far the best shopping for men.

  4. I went there...Is a beautiful space and well curated...Its mostly Paris fleamarket / French Antiques...But .worth the visit.