Monday, June 28, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

This Kitchen is perfect. I love the stove, the hardware on the cabinets, the chalk board, that ceiling, and to top it all off that lighting is out of control.
When thinking about painting my cabinets I really like this kind of almost sail cloth gray that they used here.
I like that they used no upper cabinets, just shelves, it looks great!
I really like the dark grout they used for the backsplash.
I wouldn't change a thing here. (I wish I had space in my kitchen for a table)
This kitchen feels almost like a living room. The runner looks great in this kitchen. I'm thinking about a rug in my kitchen but mine would have to be in the high traffic areas, I'm definitely concerned with spills and such.
I love how clean and kind of modern the kitchen looks in such a rustic space.


  1. love the runner in the kitchen... beautiful..

  2. Love these.
    That last one is magic.
    It makes a low-ceiling look gooooood.

  3. An open fire in the kitchen? Errrrrrm, yes please.

  4. Recently became a new follower and so glad I found your blog (: I look forward to coming back for future posts!

    There is just something about a kitchen with white cabinets, butcher block counters (or some sort of dark medium, possibly granite) dark wood floors, beadboard and windows that fill the room with light (: I'm in a small city apartment with a tiny kitchen and these spaces make me long for a place in the country (:


  5. Definitely a fan of a runner in the kitchen. I love your blog!! Your style is rockin my world babe!

  6. Just found your blog, Really love it! I love this set of kitchen inspiration.

  7. I like your blog i love my home especially my kitchen and its colors.

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