Friday, June 25, 2010

Where I Stay: Kitchen Progress



I am super happy to be in the apartment that I'm in, but if there is one thing in the apartment that needs some work it's the kitchen. As you can see in the before photos the kitchen is pretty rough. Boring cabinets, a kind of weird white tile counter top, a SUPER grimey hood over the stove, a janky gray tile floor, an old ugly light, a very nice looking but broken door, and to top it all off it looked like the previous tenant never cleaned the kitchen in the entire 7 years she had lived there.
I have a LONG way to go, but so far I'm pretty happy with the way it's shaping up. I continued the black trim from the Living Room into the Kitchen. I installed the famous GRUNDTAL shelving from Ikea for some extra storage. My wife spotted a nice old bread making station at a flea market that we use for extra storage and some much needed extra counter space. The light I got off of Ebay for a really great price. Unfortunately the landlord replaced the door with a new not as attractive door (but at least it doesn't have a giant hole in it) and she has been nice enough to replace the hood, that should be installed soon.
Next on the to do list:
1. Convincing my landlord to allow me to paint those oh so dull cabinets and change out the hardware.
2. Figuring out a solution for the wonky, grimey ass floor. Do any of you guys have rugs in your kitchens? If so, how are they holding up? and what type of rugs are they?


  1. Wow, looks like it's coming along really well. I'm actually a bit jealous.

    Anyway, regarding question 2. I don't know if I would go with a rug in the kitchen (for all the obvious reasons) but do like the option of a beach mat.

  2. i have a sisal rug in the kitchen, AND its near the woodstove where all the wood is stacked up, and it's faired well.

  3. Liking the open shelving...always wanted me some of that in the kitchen.

  4. Looks fantastic!
    Good work.

    We have FLOR carpet tiles in our kitchen.
    So much nicer than standing on the floor to cook, etc. A bit of padding. Ours are in the House Pet line, so are super durable, made of nylon or something.

  5. Oh, and you know how I love me some Hendricks.

  6. I'm just impressed you have a "KitchenAid" in the kitchen

    and that you used the word "janky"

    1L dude

  7. looks great! we have a rag rug from abc. may be a little too hippie dippie in your cleaner space though :)

  8. Hey Guys thanks so much for all of the rug suggestions and the positive feedback on the kitchen.

    @Karen + Sara I love that you said "hippie dippie"

    @joshJOSHjosh i miss you man, thanks for the comment

    @jason yeah man that hendricks is good, i have to hit you with a great drink recipe, i will email you soon

  9. impressive! kitchen looks great.

  10. Have you considered cork flooring?

  11. love your progress.

    i have a sisal rug in well so far