Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Black Doors

So I've been out of town for almost a week, that's my excuse for being super lazy blogger. I'm actually still in LA, so if any of you guys could recommend any spots to check out while I'm in town that would be incredible. Thanks to Nick from A Time To Get, the homie at Ready For The House, and David from YHBHS for the ill long list of stuff to check out while I'm in town. I'm also super stoked to be visiting Jared and Sam from Topsy Design tomorrow, definitely check their site for incredible vintage finds.
Anyways, I love Black doors. That is all...


  1. Shit, myleshenry, get outta my head.
    I've been thinking about high-gloss black doors so much lately. Our best friends just bought a house (Victorian, charm-city) and I want them to do the doors black.

    That stable door at the top is f'ing amazing.

  2. Gah. These scream sophistication - love them, esp. the first and last options.