Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Environment Furniture

Cina Sofa

This was one of my favorite pieces, the fabric is recycled army canvas. If you look close some of the fabric still has faded US and number stamps on it. I really liked the vintage fabrics with the super polished chrome legs. This sofa was also super deep and comfortable as hell.
360 Stool

The Oak on these stools looked very nice.
Cina Loveseat & Chaise

They had this piece with vintage Levi denim fabric. Wasn't sure if it was for me but looked great in person.
Tripolina Chair

I don't own a butterfly chair yet but have always wanted one, this was a nice option. I've always liked a butterfly chair in leather but this canvas option has me thinking otherwise.
Pacifica Loveseat

More of that recycled army canvas.

Turkish Patchwork Rug

This was probably my favorite thing in the whole store. This image is kind of crumby, I had the salesman email this over. They had several patchwork rugs that were super dope. The price is on another planet though. I think they range from $5k-$7k

Yesterday I stumbled upon the Environment Furniture showroom in Atlanta. I didn't even realize they have a place right near Union Square in NYC till looking at the catalog that I grabbed on the way out. Some of the furniture is so on point and some of their furniture is just so wrong. The prices are pretty high but if there is a showroom near you I think it's worth checking out.

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