Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Artwork For The Crib: Vintage Porsche Prints

@ VP Racing

I grew up with Porsche in my blood. When I was a kid we lived in a tiny house on Long Island and when my parents finally started to make some money the first big purchase my dad made was a 1985 911 Targa, Red with Saddle interior. I was only 6 years old but I vividly remember the day he got it. He came in the house and scooped us all up and we drove around all day. I remember sitting in it out in the garage and looking at all the beautiful details. I remember loving how the back tail light said Porsche across it. Ever since then I can't help but stop and look as one drives by, or walk up to a parked Porsche and take a good look at it.
I came across these prints online while looking for a gift for my father. I wish these weren't so damn expensive. Here are some different styles and more budget friendly replicas that will have to do for now.

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