Saturday, December 18, 2010

For your lady Tomboy Edition: Christelle de Castro

49er Starter Parka $85.00 @ Ebay
"I was lucky enough to scoop up this parka at Thrift Town (SF) last summer. It was way out of season so I bought it for a measly 15 BUCK$! Indeed it was a total steal, but I was pleasantly surprised to find more online under $100. Nothing says I Love You more than an original Starter. And if you're gonna go Niners, go for this era. It's the classic red and gold, before the transition to burgundy."

Proenza Storm Collar Jacket $1743.00 @ Opening Ceremony
"When I saw this jacket I snapped right into a Wayne's World moment--"It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine." I'm still waiting to meet Tia Carrere at a party, wife her, and find myself with this delicious Proenza on my back, but hey, we still have a few more days til xmas if anyone out there wants to coordinate this!"

Telfar Layered Jean Pants with Cargo Pocket $323.00 @ Telfar
"Check out my boy's new online shop at (photography by yours truly). Cop these crazy amazing jeans and take those dark denim boot cuts you wore in 1999 to the next-slash-highest level"
New Era All Black Leather Fitted $59.99 @ ECAP CITY
Yo if you sleep on this like I did last winter season, your head won't be feeling any New Era leather until next year. I'm a compact 6 7/8 so my size is the first to go 12 year olds! Awww mannnn!!"
Northface Nordend Bomber $349.00 @ The North Face
Tis the season for a brand new puff jacket. I turned to Northface for a trusty puffy and found this dope Nordend Bomber made with my favorite high shine nylon. You can scoop this up in Black, Swamp green, or Chilli Pepper Red. I kinda wish they made it in Biggy Smalls Yellow but I'll settle for the Black!"
All White Air Max 90s $94.99 @ Foot Locker
I am all about wearing my Nike trainers in and out of the gym. Partly for comfort, but mostly for comic relief. When you take trainers out of an exercise setting, your look automatically turns into "Urban Street Dancer." Especially if you're Filipino. Not sure if you're going for that ABDC affect, but one cannot deny that these all-white Air Max's are HELLA CLEAN. If you're looking for a new all-white shoe to remix those beat up Air Force 1's, I say turn to these."
Christelle de Castro

So for the third installment of the "For your lady" posts I reached out to good friend Christelle de Castro. She is one of my absolute favorite people, she is a super talented photographer and has the most amazing Tomboy style. Thanks so much Christelle!!
"Christelle de Castro is a photographer, photo director, and image consultant living and working in New York City. Responsible for launching and heading photography for Opening Ceremony's online empire, as well as ACNE Studios NYC, Christelle plans on welcoming the new year with even bigger projects--both commercial as well as personal. Visit to see her work, and follow her twitter @xxxtelle for important updates and funny anecdotes!"

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