Monday, November 15, 2010

All Together

1. 1990 Saab 900 SPG @ Ebay
2. Atelier Potence Lamp @ Atelier
3. Atelier Side Tabe #2 @ Atelier
4. Jacob Wool Blanket @ Eco Centric
5. Filson Shelter Cloth Duck Bill Cap @ Filson
6. Shetland Wool Sweater @ J. Press
7. Helly Hansen Waterproof Pants @ Gempler's
8. Made with Rest Horsemouth Shoe @ Nepenthes
9. Master-Piece Fade Back Pack @ Oki-ni
10. Billy Kirk Zip Wallet @ Need Supply Co.
11. Steel Stanley Thermos @ Orvis
12. Hot Chocolate @ Lake Champlain Chocolates

I haven't done an "All Together" post in a minute. Starting at the top...

1. This Saab 900 SPG is so nice. Super low mileage and this car is getting more and more rare every year. This car was actually the first car I ever owned. I had a 1989 that was Black with Tan interior. I will always love that car, one day I will hopefully own one again.

2 and 3. Then we have some great pieces from Atelier, they are really putting own some great products they are really great folks which makes me want to support even more.

4. I'm really feeling this chevron patterned wool blanket that I came across on Remodelista. The heat in our apartment is incredibly wack, so throws are very necessary.

5. I've always liked this long bill cap but have never pulled the trigger on it. I find it super hard to buy a cap online.

6. I have a hand full of grey wool sweaters and this J. press one is one of my favorites.

7. I don't know if part of me still wants to dress like Black Moon or Das EFX in 1993 but I really like these Helly Hansen waterproof pants. Walking around in NYC in bad weather is terrible, there is nothing worse then having wet denim.

8. I still haven't made it up to the Nepenthes store partly because I know if I go in there I'm walking out with something. These shoes are so perfect, also check them out in Blue.

9. When I was in Japan last year I really fell in love with Master-Piece bags. They have such amazing colorways and the quality is dumb good. Opening Ceremony has a nice selction of MP bags for those who are in NY or LA.

10. I usually prefer a slim wallet but in the winter it's not as big of a deal having jacket pockets and what not. The Zip Wallet is an instant classic. Billy Kirk always makes an amazing product and they are great guys. Support.

11. The Stanley Thermos is a classic.

12. I'm a man child, I don't drink coffee I drink hot chocolate and Lake Champlain makes one damn good hot chocolate.

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  1. I wanted a car just like that back in 1996 when I was 18. I had to settle on a navy blue 1986 Saab 900 because it was only $2200, and the 1990 was $4000! But a year later I got a 1990 four door in black - still wish I could have had the red 2 door!!