Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Complex Magazine: Unique Views

So a couple of months ago Anoma at Complex Magazine asked me to be part of a piece featuring 6 guys doing something creative online for part of their Style and Design issue. I was shocked and totally excited to be included. I started this blog almost a year ago and it was just a way for me to keep a log of my ideas, and that's it. As the months went on I told a few of my friends to check it out, and then with some support from some of my favorite blogs and sites adding me to their blogroll a bunch of people started checking out my blog. It's still really weird to me, but I have loved every second of creating this blog. I love that I've already met tons of people through the blog that I wouldn't have met otherwise. Anywhoo, this is the first time I've put my mug up for all to see, and I've got to admit, it feels kind of weird. Definitely check out the other guys featured in the story, they all have super dope blogs and it was great to meet all of the guys, and get a chance to chop it up and have some laughs with some of them. Working with Fashion Director Anoma Whittaker, Stylist Kelly McCabe, and Photographer Martien Mulder was a dream. I felt 100% like myself in the clothes I got to choose, I had a denim Wood Wood shirt, PRPS chinos, and Low Top Clarks Wallabees. I also love that the issue I'm in has amazing cover art done by the homie Jose Parla. Here is a list of who is featured in the shoot in order of how they appear in the magazine.



  1. Neat piece of editorial they've done here. Congrats on being featured!

  2. Just to let you know that someone from Portugal is following your blog day by day, and really enjoys it. Continue the good job and the dood taste in things. Cheers.

    Valter Lobo

  3. Nice!
    I've wondered what you look like. We could be cousins.

  4. Congrats! My step brothers in Chicago have recently started following your blog too. They love it!! Keep it coming!

  5. read the article and checked out your blog, i love it! definitely following from now on

  6. Good to meet you sir! You run a great site here man, always a pleasure to browse.

    -Phil (madbury.)

  7. thanks guys!

    @Jason yeah man, I can be your stunt double, I just need to shave.

    @Phillip nice to meet you too Phil, hope to see you soon.