Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casual Dining

I love how this one almost feels like it doubles as a work space, the chairs and lighting are incredible.
I like that nothing about this room looks planned. I like the outdoor style chairs, the lighting, the white floors, and the window (inside the house) looking into that room.
I like these chairs with that beautiful wood table, and of course the white floor.

I love all three of these casual dining rooms. As I've mentioned before I have no dining table in my apt because I really have no room for it. If my wife and I aren't eating outside we are usually folded in half eating over the coffee table. Oh well.


  1. Love the first one -
    Rarely can a table set for 8 feel so intimate.

  2. All great, but I'm digging that second one - those chairs are a delight. I love it when they are stainless steel, un painted for a more industrial edge. Nice post.