Thursday, February 25, 2010

All Together: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Where we stayed: Horizon Ocean View Hotel & Yoga Center

The official vehicle, Costa Rica is where all incredible Land Cruisers and Land Rovers go to live.
The path to the beach
Natures umbrella (that sun is strong!)

cruising through town on quads
Surfing old school shapes on perfect waves

never wore zink till this trip, next time this will be on my face from day 1
Goods 5 Panel Cap
Vintage Ray Ban Drifter
J Crew T-Shirt
Birdwell Boardshorts
Locals Slippers
The Shantaram is an incredible read
We ended up breaking out old music all trip long, one of my favorites from back in the day Dinosaur Jr. "Without a Sound"

A few weeks ago my family enjoyed one of the most incredible vacations of all time. This is what the trip looked like...sitting on the lanai listening to old albums, reading an amazing book, surfing perfect waves, trying not to have my nose burst into flames from the super strong sun (reason for the zinc) driving down dusty roads finding empty beaches, and eating amazing food EVERY DAY! The trip has all of us trying to figure out how we can spend a few months out of the year here.