Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dandux Laundry Carts

@ Restoration Hardware

Today I came across these nice carts made by Dandux. Dandux has been making industrial laundry carts since 1918 for hotels, restaurants and the U.S. government. Made with heavy duty canvas, and steel, these carts will probably last a life time. If you like the look but they are a little out of your price range check Steele Canvas Basket Co.


  1. These make me want a giant laundry room.
    Or an orphanage or something.

  2. The Dandux laundry carts at Restoration Hardware are really overpriced. You can get the same Dandux cart 4 Bu or 6 Bu at Global Industrial for $100 less and $45 less shipping. I even got a 1.5 Bu that's round and really handy. I really love the 4 Bu with wheels makes doing laundry really easy.