Monday, January 11, 2010

Cuban Tile

Tile available @ Cuban Tropical Tiles

Not usually into ethnic prints and such, but I do like how these Cuban style tiles look in a very traditional style bath.


  1. That first room is so beautiful.
    I'm with you - not typically into it - but wow.

  2. Cement tile adds so much class to a setting. Any setting. You are not limited to the traditional patterns as show here but also there are many contemporary patterns that are downright jazzy. In addition to the interlocking patterns, the deep rich solids have a character all their own. Custom molds are available and the color pallet is huge. Have a look and be amazed ! Villa Lagoon Tile

  3. Thank you for posting a lovely picture of one of our tile installations in the bath above. The tile was carefully reclaimed and restored by us and dates from 1880. The floor actually consists of 2 patterns (P116.1 & P116.2) tessellated and reset along with the original border (B116). Please visit us at if you would like to see our current inventory of authentic reclaimed antique floor tiles. Credit for the photo should go to Wendy Prosard & Assoc out of California, who is an amazing interior designer as well.
    L' Antiquario Antique Tile