Friday, December 11, 2009

Billings Army Navy Surplus

US Army WWII Field Hospital Towel $24.95 @ Billings
Swedish Red Cross Sign $49.95 @ Billings
Czech Army Medical Tools $14.95 @ Billings
Czech Medical Bottle $19.95 @ Billings
Czech Canvas Overpants/Bibs $49.95 @ Billings
French 100% Wool Blanket $39.95 @ Billings
Alpha M-65 Field Coat $79.95 @ Billings
U.S. Air Force Trousers $29.95 @ Billings

So many dope goods. A little for the home and a few nice pieces for your winter wardrobe. I do wonder though what kind of medical procedure they were practicing with that huge hammer, jeeez. So many nice things but I think the stand out might be that French wool blanket, it's SO GOOD.

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