Wednesday, December 30, 2009

15th Place: The Homies

So the voting is over at Apartment Therapy for best design blog and I came in 15th place!! Kind of shocked to have made it to 15th place out of 648 blogs. The comments are great, they made me more excited than they probably should have. I have a lot of fun posting stuff on this blog and I'm super happy that a lot of others enjoy it too. 2 of my favorite blogs/sites are still in the running (Remodelista and Door Sixteen) and one of my other favorite blogs beat me out, The Brick House (damn you!!) But in the end I have loved this format (minus the difficult voting process) and I'm stoked to have found out about a bunch more really dope blogs. Till next year..


  1. wah ha ha ha. my blog prowess is unmatchable. there can be only one!

    great job.

    next year let us smash the competition. none of this Young House Love stuff - they give me the willies.

  2. Congratulations.
    The only thing missing from your blog is years worth of back-entries to keep me busy while waiting for new ones.

  3. @Brick House hahaha the willies, so good.
    next year we will crush those fools!

    @Jason, thanks man I appreciate it!