Friday, September 18, 2009

Music for the crib

Every home has a feeling. Don't worry I'm not trying to get too deep on you guys. For me that feeling is created by many different elements. It isn't just the color of the walls, the layout of the space, the furniture you buy, or the materials that you may choose. It is also, the people you invite into your home, the movies you watch, the books you surround yourself with, the art that you hang on the wall, and the music you listen to that also plays a huge part in making your home what it is.
On a recent trip to Japan, my wife and I spent some time with the guys at Jazzy Sport. Jazzy Sport is a very special group of musicians and DJ's based out of Tokyo. Here is a mix by Jazzy Sport artist DJ Mitsu that is perfect for putting on while you are reading, working on the computer, or cooking dinner for your guests. Also be sure to go to the Jazzy Sport online store and show your support!

DJ Mitsu "Another Roses" courtesy of Dirt Castle

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